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Scope of the Conference

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Topics of Interest

The Topic of Interests include, but are not only limited to, the following-

->IoT Solution Reference Architectures and Instances

->IoT Standard Application Scenarios

->Next Generation Infrastructure for IoT

->Cloud Computing (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) for IoT

->Big Data For IoT

->Open Platforms for IoT

->Wearable Devices for IoT

->Artificial Intelligence for IoT

->Security, Privacy, and Trust in IoT

->IoT-based Smart City Solution

->IoT-based Smart Home

->IoT in Transportation

->IoT-based Smart Education System

->IoT-based Enterprise Management

->IoT-based Business Process Management

->IoT-based Robots

->IoT in Automobile

->IoT-based Intelligent Manufacturing

->IoT in Process Instrumentation & Automation

->IoT in Power Generation & Renewable Energy

->IoT in Design and Consumer Electronics

->IoT in Healthcare

->IoT in Agriculture

->IoT in Green Computing

->IoT in UAV Application

Paper Submission

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